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Blue Salmon helps SaaS startups, solopreneurs, and professionals in APAC grow through Product Marketing and Content Strategy. We’re your strategic growth partner committed to helping you implement growth strategies with our User Research and Content Strategy expertise.
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We offer user research, content strategy, and product marketing services. We can also facilitate workshops and help you hold high-value events that generate leads.
Content Strategy
Content Writing
Customer Research
Market Research


Venture Building

Low-Cost Automated 3-Step Email-List Builder for Filipino Remote Copywriters (FRC)

Achieved a 52.53% conversion rate for email list signups for FRC, with no paid funnel tool used.

Switch: Improving brand awareness through inbound content strategy

The client didn’t have the time and resources to produce content on his own. He needed someone to manage his LinkedIn content and increase his brand awareness in his network of sales leaders and executives. As a solution, we created a streamlined content strategy that showcases the client's expertise in recruitment, increasing his brand awareness in his network. Our content strategy consisted of repurposing Switch podcast episodes into YouTube videos, blog posts, reels, and LinkedIn posts, which boosted the client's engagement on their personal LinkedIn page from 0 impressions to 5,000+ in one month, to 34,000+ impressions after the next three months.
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From Solo Writer to Community Builder: 5 Lessons from Founding a 17K-Member Copywriting Group

Here are 5 lessons I learned from volunteering to building my community:

Tricia Hingpit
Hive Lead
Founder, UX Writer, Content Strategy Lead
Expert in UX content strategy and organic growth. Worked with startups and scaleups in APAC, US, and AU. Founded and managing a community of 20,000+ content professionals.
ux writing, content writing, content strategy, ux strategy, product marketing, ux research, seo copywriting, discovery research, community management
ux-writing, content-writing, content-strategy, ux-strategy, product-marketing, ux-research, seo-copywriting, discovery-research, community-management
ux-writing, content-writing, content-strategy, ux-strategy, product-marketing, ux-research, seo-copywriting, discovery-research, community-management
Naomi Fellizar
Business Development Lead, Content Specialist
Expert in Business Development, Sustainability initiatives and Real World Assets Tokenisation, an innovation from blockchain technology. Worked with startups in APAC, Africa, and US.
content strategy, content writing, market research, business development
content-strategy, content-writing, market-research, business-development
content-strategy, content-writing, market-research, business-development