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Beginning Fractional is the starter guide for builders, creators, and technologists who want to pursue a fractional lifestyle but don’t know where to start.

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What is Fractional Work?

Fractional work allows you the engagement of a founder and the flexibility of a freelancer.

  • What are your views on working independently?
  • Are you ready to take more risks with your career?
  • How can you pitch yourself better to potential clients?
Worksheet: How have you been? An exercise in catching up
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Where to Get Started with
Fractional Work

There is no one true path to creating a fractional career.

  • How fractional work could fulfill your creative side
  • When to take the leap and start working for yourself
  • Why taking side projects prepares you for life after university and beyond
Worksheet: Where you are vs. Where you want to be
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Setting Up for Success with Fractional Work

Your first steps are vital in preparing for fractional work.

  • How to de-risk your pivot to fractional work
  • Why being multidisciplinary makes you a better builder
  • Why you should build in public
Worksheet: Checklist for building a winning portfolio
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Start your fractional journey with your peers

“Fractional work allows people to use their range of skills and find fulfillment in their work, which is something I personally value.”

Charlotte Nazareno
Social Media Manager

“The guide is really insightful on how to get started on fractional work. I’ll take some time to reflect on my journey and goals.”

Amera Ibrahim
Web Designer and Webflow Developer

“This guide shows that you do have a lot of flexibility when you do fractional work: that it opens a lot of paths to take.”

Robin Greyson
Motion Designer

“Sharing others' experiences showed a good foundation of freelance and in doing so, made it encouraging to take the leap.”

Tristan Ahorro
Freelance Copywriter

“This guide defines freelance work as fractional, which is helpful especially since everyone will give you different points of reference.”

Gio Abcede
Architect and Illustrator

“Fractional work allows me to explore multiple fields while still being in control of my time. Flexibility and freedom won’t be the same in a corporate setting.”

Misha Fabian
SEO Specialist
Start my fractional journey
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