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Software Engineering

John Paul Alcala

Becoming a software architect

John Paul Alcala is a Fractional Solutions Architect and Chief Technology Officer who has managed over PHP 2 Billion of cloud budget in the Philippines. Recently, he was a Partner Solutions Architect for ASEAN at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Before that, he was an Associate Vice President, Head of Infrastructure and Special Projects at GCash.

A builder at heart, he is passionate about making people’s lives simpler with technology and has been helping customers solve some of the most challenging problems for over 20 years.

When not assisting customers, JP can be found at home, either sipping a good cup of coffee, tinkering with IoT projects, or building crazy contraptions in Minecraft.


In this episode

In this episode, we talk about pillars that make a great software architect; solutions architecture pitfalls in startup vs corporate environments; obsessing over what the customer needs; and how to solve problems through listening.

Outline & Transcript