Anime-themed updates and improvements to Swarm.

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24 JANUARY 2023

💎 Rates & Services: Let everyone know what they can hire you for by adding your rates & services to your profile.

  • 💰 Add a price range to your profile.
  • 👁 Toggle the visibility of each service.
  • ⚙️ Choose between a Fixed-rate and an Hourly-based rate for each service.

🫣 Metapreview: Sharing Swarm links are now more eye-catching and informative.


    7 November 2022

    🏆 Opportunities: Freelance projects are now called Opportunities.

    • 🪧 Post an opportunity. Add headlines, skills or expertise needed, details, time commitments, budget ranges, and timezone preferences to find the right builder. Any Swarmie can post an opportunity.
    • 💁 Apply as a builder or refer someone you know. Either way you earn money!
    • ✈️ Share opportunity pages publicly. Sign-up to refer or apply.

    🏠 Updated Home Feed: We’re putting everything (opportunities + swarm discussions) on the home feed. Bye bye Bzzaar 👋🏻

    • 👀 Choose your view. See everything all together or filter your feed to see either opportunities or Swarms only.


      12 October 2022

      🌻 Direct Praise: You can now give praise directly on a profile.

      • Get to know what a Swarmie is like as a collaborator, influencer, mentor, or mentee.
      • Give and receive feedback on working with and learning from each other.
      • Praise Swarmies for the amazing human/collaborator they are.

      🗣 Improved testimonials: Gain more context behind a testimonial, such as connections declared, skills praised, and date given.

      🌀 Empty states: We added illustrations on profiles for empty testimonial and project sections.

      🪴 Discussion reply button: You can load Swarms faster now that the rich text editor only comes up once you press a reply button.


        19 SEPTEMBER 2022

        👀 Profiles are now public: profiles can be viewed even if not logged in. Social share links added.

        ⭐️ Project opportunities: Update your profile to get introductions and referrals to project opportunities. Access to projects in the Swarm network happen through referrals to complete profiles.

        🧳 Profile projects: we increased featured projects up to three so you can showcase more of your best work.

        💖 Profile testimonials: we increased number of testimonials to three on profile overview.

        🌼 Praise: any skill can now be added when praising someone.

        🔒 Data and privacy: turn off tracking and request account deletion.


            5 July 2022

            🖼 Profile: Projects. Showcase your past works on your profile.

            🤠 Profile: Role Preferences. Declare the project roles you want to take.

            🗓 Profile: Project Availability. Let everyone know when you’re available for work.

            🐦 Profile: Twitter Link. Add your twitter account to your profile.


                7 June 2022

                🍯 Profile: Reputation Points. The pollen you get from fellow swarmies now shows as your reputation points (a.k.a Honey)

                🏆 Profile: Skills. Fellow swarmies can now see the skills you’ve been praised for!

                🌍 Profile: Timezone. Let potential collaborators know where you’re working from.

                ✅ Profile: Verified Badge. You can now show off your verified status on the platform.


                    18 APRIL 2022

                    🌼 Pollen. Award swarmies for helpful answers on discussions. You get 3 pollen everyday.

                    🙌 Praise. Praise fellow swarmies for sharing their skills, insights, and advice using pollen!

                    🍯 Honey. Increase your reputation and credibility on Swarm with each pollen you receive.


                        4 APRIL 2022

                        ☀️ Invites. Use your invites to let up to 5 friends join Swarm.

                        🤝 Builder referrals. Refer a trusted collaborator to a project, and get $75 if they land the role.

                        🪲 Bug fix: New swarms email. Get notified for new content on the forum.

                        🎪 Post a project. Post your project directly from the Bzzaar page! 🏃

                        📥 Bzzaar project email notifs. Get updated on new discussions on your project!


                            24 FEBRUARY 2022

                            🎪 Bzzaar marketplace. Make your idea come to life by building it with the Swarm community. Find teams of expert builders ready to make your MVP happen.

                            🛰 Search. You can now stalk your fellow Swarmies! Find potential collaborators, teammates, and builders for whatever purpose.

                            💅🏼 New discussions format. We streamlined the reading experience on swarms by making the UI vertical.

                            👈🏼 Going back. Never lose scroll progress on the timeline ever again. We all never liked going back to the top, right?!

                            🧚🏻 Projects onboarding. Easier onboarding for busy founders and project posters.


                                16 SEPTEMBER 2021

                                🔍 New Navbar. Explore Swarm with the new navbar: now bigger, better, and with bee-autiful icons!

                                New Swarms Emails. Get cool new swarms delivered fresh to your inbox weekly.

                                ⬆️ Upvotes &️ Downvotes. Amplify swarms you want to see more buzz on, and bump down swarms that don't bring value.

                                🔔 Notification Settings. Manage all your Swarm email preferences in just one page.

                                    Cardcaptor Sakura

                                    6 august 2021

                                    💌 Mentions are live! Let people know you're thinking of (and typing about) them with @mentions! ✨

                                    • Get email notifications when you're mentioned
                                    • Let fellow Swarmies know they're on your mind 💛
                                    • Mention anyone on Swarm with a quick @

                                    🗑  Delete Reply. We all make mistakes — but now, on Swarm, you can erase evidence of them forever. 😉

                                    • Delete replies
                                    • Never think about them again

                                    Kageyama Tobio

                                    13 JULY 2021

                                    💌 Email notifications have a fresh new look!

                                    We now send you a freshly redesigned email about the swarms you follow. Never miss a message again.

                                    • Launch Swarm straight from the email with one click.
                                    • See how many discussions and swarms are waiting for you.
                                    • It's simpler and streamlined, so you can quickly see what's up.

                                    💰 Rich text support makes your swarms look ✨ F A N C Y  

                                    Sometimes, you just want that extra touch of oomph. Or maybe a little sideways-leaning sass. Maybe you just want to stand out in the middle of your text.

                                    Whatever the reason, we've got you covered with:

                                    • Bold & Brash
                                    • Italics
                                    • Auto-recognition of links with a juicy purple

                                    all packaged in a pretty little bottom toolbar (we like to call him Richard — don't ask).

                                    Eren Yeager

                                    15 June 2021

                                    • Multiline comments support (shift+enter)
                                    • Automatic inline link highlighting (in descriptions and comments)
                                    • Timestamps on swarm comments
                                    • Follows
                                    • Email notifications
                                    • Mobile responsiveness