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Hire exceptional AI consulting teams for your project

Collaborate with award-winning AI experts to help plan out your own AI strategy, launch AI MVPs and PoCs, productize AI models, or build internal AI tools.

OUR EXPERTS have worked on projects at the cutting-edge of AI globally

ai solutions

Find a custom AI solution for your use case

Proof of Concept Execution

Design and execute your AI PoC with confidence

AI Technical Architecture

Optimize your model selection and architecture for performance, cost, and functionality

Productization of AI Models

Launch and scale a custom AI product or model

Advisory to build an AI Practice

Get expert and personalized guidance on your AI strategy


Explore AI solutions built by hives

Launch AI MVPs and proofs of concept

Productize of AI models

Build AI-powered tools

Provide advisory services to build an AI practice


Partner up with award-winning AI experts

Tim Santos

Hive Lead at AI Hive

📈 Director of Product @ Graphcore

✨ Deeplearning.ai Ambassador

🧪 Zinc.VC Visiting AI Fellow

Anand Krishnan

Hive Lead at thinkAI

🧠 Founder @ thinkbridge

🤖 Former CTO @ IBM

⭐ Techstars Mentor

Joshua Arvin Lat

Hive Lead at NuWorks Tech

⭐️ CTO @ NuWorks Interactive Labs

✍🏻 Authored 4 books on AI & ML

👾 AWS Machine Learning Hero


We’ll rally hives to achieve your goals

Each hive specializes in a domain and technical capability.  Larger projects may leverage multiple hives to form diverse teams tailor-fit to your needs.


Expertise that spans across different skillsets

AI Project Management

Proof of concept design and execution

Project management

Data Science & Engineering

Data preparation

Model selection

Model design (fully custom, fine tuning, open source)

Machine Learning Engineering

Developing and launching model into production

Performance optimization

Model scaling

ML Ops & Advisory

Operations environment and practice

Organization & people design

Tool & vendor evaluation and selection

Cloud Architecture

Cloud provisioning & deployment

Cloud information security


From advisory to execution

Connect with a hive to guide your AI strategy and manage the execution of your AI project.

Gen AI Workshops

Educate your business units on AI use cases and solutions

Expert Advisory

Get personalized expert advice on your AI strategy

Technical Architecture

Fine-tune for peak performance, cost-efficiency, and functionality

Organizational Planning

Design and optimize your team and org processes

PoC & MVP Development

Design and execute your AI MVP or proof of concept

Productize AI models

Launch and scale a custom AI product or model


Learn about the state of AI

Discover content, resources, news, and events.