Freelancing with benefits

Get rewarded with tech’s top benefits by doing your freelancing work through Swarm.

Earn points that can be exchanged for benefits you need.

Surviving as a freelancer is hard when you’re not given enough support, with our rewards system, you can get benefits and have Swarm be your professional safety net.

Do work, refer the best and brightest, help your work friends and take part in Swarm’s community to build up your points balance. Redeem tokens for the benefits you wish your company offered.

Big ticket benefits

Healthcare that isn’t dependent on where you work

Tax & accounting services to take the admin work off your plate

Hardware & software discounts you can’t find anywhere else

Delightful perks to get you through the day

Spotify premium for your lo-fi bg music

Starbucks drink to get you through your 9am meetings

Grab/Uber credits


Gift benefits to your peers for their support

Have everything you need? Send your work friends work goodies as a token of appreciation for existing!