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How Tim Santos builds AI communities

In our inaugural Swarm Story, we spotlight AI hive leader Tim Santos (Director of Product for Cloud Solutions at Graphcore) and how his community building efforts speak to the core of his Filipino identity.

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Leroy Almeida
Product Designer
My introduction to Axiamatic came through the Swarm community. Getting referred not only expedited the interview process but also provided me with a valuable endorsement, which significantly contributed to a smoother transition into the Axiamatic family. After six months of collaborative engagement with them through Swarm, I received an offer for a full-time role. This life-changing opportunity would have been beyond my reach if not for the connection fostered by the Swarm community.
Product Design
Jiggy Villanueva
Product Manager, Designer
I wouldn’t have landed the MadEats project without Swarm. From facilitating my introduction to the founders, sorting out contracts, and teaming me up with a super-skilled developer, Swarm not only hooked me up with an awesome opportunity but also had my back all the way — making the whole experience a win for everyone involved.
Product Design
Cedric Lee
UX Manager at Peddlr, Educator at UX+ University
Swarm connected me with Shipmates hassle-free, aligning my skills and experience with their needs. The initial client brief from Swarm sparked my interest and helped me assess if I could be of help. The Swarm team guided me through the service agreement stage, saving me time and allowing me to focus solely on the essential task of creating a winning proposal for Shipmates.
UX Research
Philippe Soriano
Wordpress Master and Agency Founder
Swarm did a great job in matching us with Naavik and efficiently billing our client on the milestones when done. The whole matching process was GOLD, contract signing, and payment handling were all seamless and swift. This saved up a lot of time on my end and had me focus more on the actual project itself.
Raffy Alcoriza
Software Engineer, prev. CTO of MadEats (YC S21)
As someone taking early steps into the world of fractional work, Swarm has been incredibly helpful throughout the process, from surfacing this opportunity to me, to closing the contract, and even to making sure that I get paid timely.
Software Engineering
Daryl Yu
Software Developer and Co-Founder of Automaton Systems
We like working with Swarm, it allows us to skip some steps in the getting-to-know-you phase with the client. There's a baseline level of trust if the client comes from Swarm.
Software Engineering
Benj Ledesma
Software Engineer, prev. Dashlabs.ai (YC W21)
I wouldn't have found Cottage (now Public Grid) without Swarm's help. The Swarm platform had a video message from one of the founders - Zack - and the engagement's details, which I found interesting and aligned with my skill set as a software engineer.
Software Engineering
Angela Salud Chua
Award-winning Design Studio Founder
In the competitive landscape of winning proposals, Swarm's reliable connections proved invaluable. Personally, aligning with Swarm enables me to uphold high professional standards, recognizing the reciprocal impact on both individual and network reputation.
Product Design

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