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ADPList x Swarm: How User-Centered Companies Deliver Amazing Products


February 19, Monday

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT+8



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How do customer-centric companies like Apple, Google and others employ specific processes to deliver amazing products?

If you are a founder or corporate innovation lead seeking to integrate user-centered methodologies into your current project, our featured guest will share invaluable insights and best practices.

Mohammed Abdoolcarim is the PM responsible for launching Siri on the iPhone. He has previously worked both at Apple and Google and is now building an AI-powered design copilot that streamlines design tasks in Figma.

This is the inaugural event for a series of conversations designed to empower you with successful case studies, equip your organization to create outstanding products and services, and guide you through evolving challenges in today’s technology landscape.

About the Speaker

Mo is a dynamic product management professional and visionary leader with a track record of groundbreaking achievements. As the Lead Product Manager who launched Siri, Mo led the charge for innovation through an AI-powered product used by hundreds of millions all over the world. Currently a Design Fellow at On Deck and Co-Founder of DesignPro, Mo is shaping the future of AI-driven product design. With over a decade of experience advising startups with product strategy and design, he has a comprehensive understanding of the tech landscape. Mo's latest venture,, is poised to be a game-changer: transforming feedback, documents, and messages on Figma into actionable design tasks using AI.

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