The Swarm Method

The Swarm Method


Our principles are the values of our community members. They're the why behind all our rituals, processes, and practices — our brand promise.

1. Collaborate

  • Be part of a community of collaborators, not competitors
  • Work better together, build trust, and freely give and take help
  • Win by lifting each other; success today is non-zero sum
  • Rely on each other to succeed;  support everyone in the ecosystem

2. Fall in love with the problem

  • Start with the problem, cultivate explorations, and iterate on the solution
  • Be strategic, focused, and goal-oriented in ambiguous situations
  • Embrace ambiguity, be curious, and have a growth mindset
  • Always ask why and work from there

3. Commit to the craft

  • Take ownership of your craft
  • Cultivate high standards for good work
  • Obsess about quality, polish, and nailing the fundamentals
  • Get it done, make things happen