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ChatGPT-4 Design Review with Mo Abdoolcarim, former Lead PM for Siri and DesignPro CEO


June 6, Thursday

8:00 PM to 9:30 PM GMT+8


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Do you have a design project for which you want to receive feedback?

If you are a designer looking for feedback on your current design projects and are curious about leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to improve your process and output, our featured speaker will inspire you with new tools to add to your design stack and get actionable feedback for your design projects.

We will be joined by Mohammed Abdoolcarim, the PM responsible for launching Siri on the iPhone and now building DesignPro, an AI-powered tool that streamlines design tasks in Figma.

Mo will also demo their newest AI tool which uses GPT-4 to analyze Figma designs and gives feedback on copy, UI, and accessibility, which greatly helps designers get quick feedback and iterate faster.

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