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How Siri and Grab got Started with AI (Join Us in Singapore or Virtually)


Friday, November 24

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM GMT+8


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​Space is limited to 50 onsite participants.

​Are you thinking through your product and company’s AI strategy? Learn from the innovators behind the world’s most iconic AI-powered products—Siri and Grab. 🤔

​We will be joined by Mohammed Abdoolcarim, the PM responsible for launching Siri on the iPhone now building DesignPro, an AI-powered tool that streamlines design tasks in Figma; Philipp Kandal, the Chief Product Officer at Grab who led the initiative to improve their navigation product with ML; and Tim Santos, the Director of Product for AI Cloud Solutions at Graphcore who has helped launch AI-native companies as a fractional CTO.

​This event marks the inaugural installment of a series that aims to empower you with successful case studies and help you get started with crafting a proof of concept, validating your ideas and problems, and equipping your organization to establish and scale an AI practice.

​Here are some statements that our target attendees would identify with:

  1. ​I have an existing product and I’m planning a proof of concept.
  2. ​I have an in-house AI practice at my company and I’d like to learn best practices for building our organization.
  3. ​I’m building an AI-native startup and I want to learn how to prepare my organization and tech stack to scale.
  4. ​I’d like to learn more about how product leaders have transformed products and experiences using AI.

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