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Swarm Salon: From Student Club Leader to Startup Co-founder with Alexis Collado


August 17, Thursday

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT+8



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Are you an early-stage founder or a senior designer looking to found their own startup?​

With the world of tech today being filled with opportunities for growth, it can be difficult to navigate all of these to build a career. However, having the right mindset can allow you to take advantage of these moments and set a roadmap for yourself.​​

Join us this Thursday (August 17) at 8PM, as Alexis shares his journey to becoming a co-founder at Swarm and the paths he took to get there.​​​​👋🏼

About the Speaker​​​

Alexis is a designer, podcaster, career coach, and community builder. He’s currently the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Swarm, helping connect founders to talented fractional professionals. He was involved in building things like the Roots podcast, UX Society, and the UX+ Conference.​​​​​

🐝 Swarm Salons gather talented founders and fractional tech builders to meet like-minded people, discover possibilities for collaborations, and find new pathways. Join one every Thursday!

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