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Swarm Salon: Having fun with Web3 with Kristian Quirapas


July 28, Thursday

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT+8



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​So, what is Web3 and why is everyone talking about it? 🌐

​Kristian Quirapas tours us around Web3 and Blockchain Development—showing you the fun of it all through the lens of a Blockchain Engineer at our Swarm Salon this Thursday (July 28) 9:00 PM PHT.

About the Speaker

​Kristian is a Blockchain Engineer coming from a Fullstack Web Development background. He’s been freelancing as a full stack web developer for the past 7 years and just recently transitioned into Blockchain Development in 2021. Kristian is a Resident Solana Developer and Group Expert @ Web 3 Philippines, a Fullstack Web Developer and Smart Contract Developer @ Nood Fungible Tokens, and a Fullstack Web Developer @ 14th Century Kids NFT.

​​🐝 Swarm Salons are weekly casual gatherings among the Swarm Community with talks, discussions, and even workshops by Swarm Verified members! Catch these events online on Thursdays at 9PM Philippine Time. Stay tuned for more information by following Swarm on Twitter!

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