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Swarm Salon: Leveling up as an Early Career Designer with Frances To


January 29, Friday

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT+8



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Level up your Design Career! Drawing from her own experiences, Frances will talk about how an early career designer can:

  • ​Expand his or her skills by learning new things, even if they're outside his or her comfort zone
  • ​Enrich his or her experience through side projects, freelance work, and other opportunities

​She will also share some of her old works and walk the audience through her design process.

About the Speaker

Frances To is the Co-founder and Chief of Staff at UX+ University, a learning platform that empowers career shifters to become User Experience professionals in 16 weeks, at no upfront cost. Previously, she was a Product Designer at First Circle, where she helped small-medium enterprises in the Philippines gain access to fast, fair, and flexible loans. Taking a holistic approach towards design, she believes that immersing herself in various fields helps inform her design practice.

🐝 Swarm Salons are weekly gatherings hosted and attended by members of the Swarm Verified Community (dubbed Swarm Fellows) where they can unwind, build connections, or exchange ideas, skills, and stories.

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