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Swarm Salon: Tarot Reading 2 with Maddy Teh


August 4, Thursday

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT+8



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Peek into the future of work…and love…and spirituality. We’re having a fun, chill night getting vulnerable and exploring our consciousness through tarot cards.

Join us on ​August 4, Thursday, at 9PM Philippine Standard Time.

​Before the event: Think of a question you want to talk about during the reading. Maddy will be entertaining 1 question = 1 person = 1 card.

​❗️ Disclaimer ❗️

​While Maddy loves exploring career and love queries, she does not entertain questions surrounding your health, medical advice, finance, and legal matters. We highly recommend seeking professional advice on these things. A tarot reading focuses on giving you guidance and information at the present moment, but ultimately it’s up to you (and not the cards or the reader) to make the best decisions for yourself. Please make sure you have stable internet connection as well.

Find out more about the program and flow here.

​🐝 Swarm Salons are weekly casual gatherings among the Swarm Community with talks, discussions, and even workshops by Swarm Verified members! Catch these events online on Thursdays at 9PM Philippine Time. Stay tuned for more information by following Swarm on Twitter!

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