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Swarm Salon: UX Design in Web3 with Avery Si


September 8, Thursday

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT+8



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​Catch our Swarm Salon this Thursday (Sept 8) 9:00 PM PHT as Avery Si talks about his experiences working in a venture builder and in Web3 as a UX Designer. 🌟

​He’ll share some day-to-day details about how he builds and invests in projects, along with some helpful advice that he’s learned along the way so you can figure out how to get into the space!

About the Speaker

​Avery is currently a Special Projects Manager at ED3N Ventures, a venture capital/building firm that builds and invests in e-commerce, SaaS, NFTs, and web3 companies. Previously, he worked for GCash as a UI/UX Designer. He graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and was part of the founding team of User Experience Society. Lately, he’s been exploring the world of crypto, web3, and NFTs.

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