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We are eager to form strategic partnerships and deliver end-to-end AI development services, with a strong experience in building AI solutions in production. Spearheaded by our award-winning AI hive lead and backed by a curated team that is highly complementing the end-to-end AI lifecycle, we offer unparalleled proficiency in taking ideas from experimentation to deploying them as enterprise-grade AI solutions.
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We are open to AI requirements from ideation, design, experimentation, R&D, productisation of experimental models, and GenAI( LLM in prod, txt2img).


Financial Services
Customer Services
Climate Tech
Educational Sector
Deep Tech
B2B Productivity

AI QA, Compliance, and Audit Policy for Financial Services

HSBC's AI models were stuck in experimentation and couldn't get deployed in production due to lack of global AI trust and QA policy. We wrote global AI QA, compliance, and audit policy based on EU and UK AI guidelines.

Building ML Models (XGB, LSTMs) and Developing MLOPs Platform

Manual tax classification using spreadsheets are inefficient, resource-bound, and an archaic ways of working (I.e. body shop), so we automated the client's processes by building ML models (XGB, LSTMs), and developing MLOPs platform to enable scale out and reuse across 90+ tax jurisdictions and 100s of EY customers.
Hugging Face

Hugging Face Optimum

Hugging Face libs (transformers) needed to work with non-GPU accelerators out of the box, so we built a team that implemented fork of Hugging Face Optimum to support Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units (IPU), upstream changes to main HF library, port models, create demos and notebooks.

Low-Latency LLM Finetuning and Inference For Non-Techy Enterprise Users

Model dev and productization of packing algorithms (35x) on non-GPU AI Accelerator (IPU), porting their platform from docker swarm to k8s deployment

Patented Adaptive Video Streaming and Bandwidth Estimation Algorithm

We implemented a patented adaptive video streaming and bandwidth estimation algorithm for Samsung's video streaming buffering service.
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Building AI products with business value | Tim Santos (Graphcore, EY, Teradata, Samsung)

We talk about understanding your business problem before building AI solutions, turning to the open source community for help, and building teams in the lens of the data science triangle.

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AI in Action

How Is AI Influencing Product Innovation & Operational Excellence? We are thrilled to invite you to an AI conversation brought to you by Swarm, DeepLearning.AI, and Kickstart Ventures – our goal is to bring together people from tech startups, corporates, and institutions directly responsible for the implementation of AI in their organizations.

Tim Santos
Hive Lead
Director of Product, AI Cloud Solutions
As the Director of Product for AI Cloud Solutions at Graphcore, I lead the product strategy and vision for enabling developers and AI & ML software organisations to build and deploy cutting-edge AI models and solutions in production. With over 13 years of experience in data science, AI, and MLOps, I have a strong background and passion for delivering impactful and scalable AI products and services that solve real-world problems and create value for customers and stakeholders.
data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning engineering, strategic planning
data-science, artificial-intelligence, machine-learning-engineering, strategic-planning
data-science, artificial-intelligence, machine-learning-engineering, strategic-planning
Charles Joshua Alba
Product Manager and Web Developer
I specialize in product management and design: ideation, discovery, solutioning and development, launch, and retirement. I am interested on the following fields: Internet of Things, Data Privacy and Security, Hobby Microelectronics, Web Development (web2). I'm a proud Asian improviser, being able to take classes in the Philippines (Third World Improv) and abroad (The Improv Company, Kaivalya Plays, Improv College, The Nursery). I'm currently an improv teaching assistant, and I helped them transition from physical to virtual improv shows (netting 50-100 viewers at a time). On the side, I develop websites! I work well with JavaScript (React, Next.js, Node.js) across the stack. I made a website for an online improv festival (improvisasianfestival.com) and a digital improv bell (perambell.ml).
internet-of-things, data privacy, security, web development, javascript, react, next.js, node.js
internet-of-things, data-privacy, security, web-dev, javascript, react, next-js, node-js
internet-of-things, data-privacy, security, web-dev, javascript, react, next-js, node-js
Joel Ilao
Researcher and Academic
Experienced Academic with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Computer Science and Engineering Research & Development. Strong education professional with a Ph.D. focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, major in Computers and Communications from University of the Philippines.
electrical and electronics engineering
Geof Murillo
Data Science Veteran and Machine Learning Engineer
A data-based leader, solid strategist & seasoned professional in the field of Data Science be technical or nontechnical. Geof has been a player across different modeling engagements for a number of industries not only in the Philippines (or offshore global) but also in Hong Kong (onshore/onsite). Having an extensive background in Mathematics and Computer Science, he has developed skills that not only enrich business strategic expansion but also formulate innovative ways to streamline business trajectories basing only on data - selfless, frank, transparent and above all of 100% truth. With his scientific & mathematical craft, he employs Math/Stat and AI/Machine Learning techniques and methodologies not only to address business questions but also reveal some latent business struggles and areas for improvement.
smart analytics and modeling, mathematics, statistics, deep learning, machine learning, engineering, nlp, artificial intelligence, time series analysis, sentiment analysis, software engineering, python, r, tableau, tensorflow, visualization, data science, sci-kit learn, keras, blockchain development
smart-analytics-modeling, mathematics, statistics, deep-learning, machine-learning, engineering, nlp, artificial-intelligence, time-series-analysis, sentiment-analysis, software-engineering, python, r, tableau, tensorflow, visualization, data-science, sci-kit-learn, keras, blockchain-dev
smart-analytics-modeling, mathematics, statistics, deep-learning, machine-learning, engineering, nlp, artificial-intelligence, time-series-analysis, sentiment-analysis, software-engineering, python, r, tableau, tensorflow, visualization, data-science, sci-kit-learn, keras, blockchain-dev
Silvia Perdiguero
Educational Experience Designer
I am a meticulous learning consultant, optimistic brainsqueezer and articulate communicator who owns an entrepreneurial mindset. I have extensive experience teaching Media, Humanities and Languages - since I want to help connecting humans through empathetic communication. Equipped with strong collaboration, analytical, and organizational skills - as well as a solid ability to plan and provide successful curriculum and targeted training programs, I ensure learners’ development by applying pedagogical techniques from all around the globe. Ask me for stories! I’ll be excited to tell you more.
program management, learning experience design, strategic planning
program-management, learning-experience-design, strategic-planning
program-management, learning-experience-design, strategic-planning
Katerina Ramizo
Computational Linguist and NLP Engineer
I am a Computational Linguist and NLP Engineer with a Master’s degree in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology. My expertise includes creating language datasets for training AI models and building NLP-powered tools. I have successfully delivered projects for Google, Meta, Apple, and other world-leading technology firms.
computational linguistics, nlp, python, software development
computational-linguistics, nlp, python, software-development
computational-linguistics, nlp, python, software-development