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Established as an e-commerce focused website development agency, APX now offers a variety of web services such as SEO, integrations, custom development, and many more.
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Skills and Specializations

We are open to WordPress projects that are content-driven (i.e. with listings and customized portals).
E-Commerce Integration
Web Dev
Web Hosting
Website Consulting


E-Commerce Tech
Events Management
Food and Beverages
Health and Wellness
Hotel and Tourism
Real Estate
Arabic Unlocked

Arabic Unlocked Website Migration

Arabic Unlocked UK based online school designed to help you learn Arabic in fun and interactive way. It is suitable for all levels including those starting from the very basic letters all the way to learning sentences, improving pronunciation, building vocabulary and learning everyday speech.
website migration


Built a website for a Philippine-based Luxury car blog and vlogger.
web development, web hosting, wordpress

Nory Lee

Norylee is a skin care manufacturer that produces skin care products for women. Norylee is offers a wide variety of body and health options for wellness maintenance. We designed their website integrated with e-commerce.
web development, web hosting, e-commerce integration, wordpress

Paperwork Asia Website

Paperwork fosters a collaborative environment in a coworking space where each member can become a maker of opportunities for others.
web development

Pegahost Website

Pegahost is a domain and cloud hosting provider based in Manila Philippines. Pegahost provides services such as SSL, email hosting, integration and many more.
web development, web hosting
Viktoria Manila

Viktoria Website Design and Development

Design and developed a minimalist approach for Viktoria MNL. The main goal was to minimize the website elements and put focus on the wedding gown photography. Website was design and developed in WordPress.
web design, web development, web hosting, wordpress
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Swarm Blog

What you Need to Know if Fractional Work is for you

After working as a fractional designer on a remote island for a year, I’ve learned quite a few hard truths and learned to embrace a slower pace of life. I got full control over how I spend my time and what projects I choose. Before I went into fractional work, I joined a fintech startup that gave me the experience and leverage to get into this full-time. Here are some lessons from my journey that you may incorporate into your freelance journey.

Swarm Event

Swarm Salon: How to 10x Your Client Acquisition with Philippe Soriano

​This Thursday, Sep 22, join us for a Swarm Salon with Philippe Soriano, focused on getting the buzz for your business. Freelancers and consultants in any digital field can learn to increase their client acquisition ten-fold through personal strategies, project costing, and repeat sales to be able to close more deals!

Swarm Event

Swarm Salon: Revamping your Designer Portfolio on Webflow with Amera Ibrahim

​Join us for a Swarm Salon this Thursday at 9:00 PM as Amera Ibrahim shows us how to revamp a designer portfolio, whether you're starting from scratch or just want to update the current one. She'll walk us through her tips on what we need to get started and how to attract more clients with your portfolio using the no-code tool: Webflow.

Philippe Soriano
Hive Lead
Webmaster, and Website Consultant
CEO of APX & Sudo Philippines. Currently consulting multiple fortune 500 companies, startups, and micro enterprises locally and globally.
web development, wordpress, website consulting, sales
web-dev, wordpress, website-consulting, sales
web-dev, wordpress, website-consulting, sales
Amera Ibrahim
Independent Web Designer & Webflow Developer
Hey there! I'm Amera, a skilled Web Designer and Webflow Developer. I offer top-notch web design and development services tailored to your needs. Whether you're an early-stage startup or an established business, I can help you create a unique online presence that sets you apart from the competition. Let's collaborate!
ux and ui design, visual design, web design, webflow, design thinking
ux-and-ui-design, visual-design, web-design, webflow, design-thinking
ux-and-ui-design, visual-design, web-design, webflow, design-thinking