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We are a group that specializes on AWS. We help you make sense of your cloud practice.
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We are interested in short-term projects, lasting a maximum of 3 months. We can do migration, modernization, and cost reduction.
AWS Infrastructure
Solution Architecture
Backend Development


Financial Services

Cloud Practice Build

Evolving the cloud practice to allow the business to serve more than 60 million customers worldwide through DevOps and Containerization.
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Fractional by Swarm

Becoming a software architect | John Paul Alcala (Amazon Web Services, GCash)

In this episode, we talk about pillars that make a great software architect; solutions architecture pitfalls in startup vs corporate environments; obsessing over what the customer needs; and how to solve problems through listening.

John Paul Alcala
Hive Lead
AWS Solutions Architect & Container Expert | Fractional CTO
With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, I have honed deep expertise in developing, maintaining, and enhancing robust systems. As an Architect, I've led numerous projects, designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems both on and off the cloud. My proficiency spans AWS services, enabling me to deliver optimized solutions tailored to specific business requirements. I possess an extensive background in software development, with a particular focus on Java Development and Container Technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. This expertise allows me to create efficient, isolated, and secure environments, crucial for modern software solutions. My approach combines best practices in software engineering with a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies.
aws, cloud computing, containers, software architecture, software dev
aws, cloud-computing, containers, software-architecture, software-dev
aws, cloud-computing, containers, software-architecture, software-dev
Gelo Jalandoni
Security Engineer (IT, OT, Cloud)
Experienced Infrastructure Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Java, Product Management, Programming, Microsoft, and Software Engineering.
java, product management, software engineering, security, infrastructure
java, product-management, software-engineering, security, infrastructure
java, product-management, software-engineering, security, infrastructure