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Product Camp is a leading tech product management company that excels in providing comprehensive solutions across product management consulting, software development, and UI/UX design. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Product Camp empowers businesses to thrive in the dynamic and competitive tech landscape.
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We are open to 1) Product management consulting; If someone would need advice on how to setup their product discovery (the process to understand problems and validate value) and delivery (the process to take problems / pain points and translate these into working requirements for engineering tams) process, can lend a few hours, 2) Product development; Short term, MVP projects which can be done within 3-6 months. Can involve both design and technology resources, and 3) Design; Creating web / mobile application design projects and relevant engineering resources.
Product Management
Discovery Research
Software Dev
UX and UI Design
Agile Development
Frontend Web Dev
Backend Web Dev
Database Management


HR Tech

ALLCARE Product Management Consultation

ALLCARE needed someone to help understand business context, translate it into product requirements and create a prioritization framework, and liaise with their technology partner for the build. A consulting proposal was created with the following elements: 1) Product manager deliverables, 2) Available cadence meetings, 3) Sample outputs.
product strategy

Kalibrr Integrations

Integrations is a Kalibrr Enterprise-exclusive service to provide specific solutions that are not in our product features. Zapier, an online automation tool enables us to connect Kalibrr to any third-party platform.
product design, ux and ui design
Shakey's Philippines

Shakey’s Pizza Online Order and Delivery Platform

We developed an online ordering platform and app and connected it Shakey's Philippines' rider dispatch delivery system, which we also developed.
software development
Smart Communications

Smart App Gigapoints Reward System

At Smart, our goal is to build products and features that can help our subscribers achieve their passions in the simplest way possible–while also getting rewarded to show how grateful we are for their loyalty to the network. We designed the new in-app rewards program as a part of Smart's Giga Ecosystem to 1) entice more users to migrate to the GigaLife from MySmart, MyPLDTSmart, and TNT and 2) increase GigaLife App's user base' motivation and loyalty.
product design, product strategy

Top 10 Techtonic Summit 2018 Startup Competition

JD Libao represented Taxumo and reached the final round of the competition in 2018.

Design Roadmap Presentation

Patrick Reyes presented their team’s roadmap as the design manager at a global team building conference held in Lisbon, Portugal in front of their company's stakeholders; this includes growing and scaling the team, design operations including the process to build the design system, and future work. Company undisclosed.
presentation, conference
Interaction Design Association (IxDA)

2019 World Interaction Design Day

Patrick Reyes organized the 2019 World Interaction Design Day in partnership with Adobe and Interaction Design Association.
Dino Alcoseba
Hive Lead
Tech Product Leader, Product Consultant
Dino is a scrappy enthusiast of technology-based product development and management. He's deeply involved in product development and management, dabbling in process improvement, user story creation, and overall user experience to make lives better. Dino has always been in the startup scene (12 years), but has been in product management roles for 7 years in both individual and leadership roles. Currently, he is the Head of Product at Booky, leading business analysts, design and product team, and is a co-founder at Product Camp.
product management, product strategy, sprint planning
product-management, product-strategy, sprint-planning
product-management, product-strategy, sprint-planning
JD Libao
Technical Product Manager
JD is a product leader with over eight years of experience in building tech products from scratch. He has a strong background in programming, UX design, project management, and product management, which enables him to deliver solutions that meet customer needs and business goals. He co-founded Product Camp and Todo Media.
product management, product strategy, strategic planning, sprint planning
product-management, product-strategy, strategic-planning, sprint-planning
product-management, product-strategy, strategic-planning, sprint-planning
Patrick Reyes
Product Design Lead
Patrick is a product designer of 9 years who has worked mainly in the fields of recruitment, telecommunications, digital marketing, and legal tech. Patrick has a background in broadcasting and graphic design, translating stories and data to experiences has been a passion. He currently works as a Lead Product Designer for a legal tech company but has since crafted purposeful and thoughtful designs for companies like Smart's GigaLife, Kalibrr, and Create Cinema's Callback.
product design, product management, graphic design, digital marketing
product-design, product-management, graphic-design, digital-marketing
product-design, product-management, graphic-design, digital-marketing
Victor Raymond Bio
Senior Developer
typescript, javascript, django, node.js, express.js, postgresql, mysql, graphql, react, react native, vue, next.js
typescript, javascript, django, node-js, express-js, postgresql, mysql, graphql, react, react-native, vue, next-js
typescript, javascript, django, node-js, express-js, postgresql, mysql, graphql, react, react-native, vue, next-js
James Carlo Caipang
Full-stack Software Developer
agile development, full-stack web dev
agile-development, full-stack-web-dev
agile-development, full-stack-web-dev