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UX Society is a student-run organization that advocates and practices human-centered design. Our hive consists of alumni from year 2015 - present.
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We specialize in UX and UI design, branding, and no-code projects.
User Experience Design
User Research
No-Code Dev
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Swarm Blog

Advocating for self-advocacy: Key takeaways from Diamond Ho

Diamond Ho, Product Design Lead at Facebook–regards self-advocacy as a required skill in the workplace, especially for those in big corporations. Read about my 4 takeaways on her talk about self-advocacy.

Swarm Blog

Learning the value of aesthetics in product at UX+

People think visual design is just aesthetics or simply, to make things prettier. But the way a product looks affects how users experience them, before even having the chance to use it.

Swarm Blog

Keeping your mental design game strong

Becoming a designer means that you’ll get to know impostor syndrome, making you think that you’re a less capable designer than what others think of you. I lived and learned, and I’m here to share with you some reflections from my 2-year design journey.

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Swarm Salon: Product Design Portfolio Review

Join us this Thursday (August 24) at 8PM, as members of Swarm's Product & Design team do a friendly live critique of multiple portfolios.

Patricia Ramos
Hive Lead
Product Designer
Pat is a product designer based in Manila, helping fractional professionals succeed and sustain their careers at Swarm. She has previously worked with AcadArena and interned for companies such as Kumu, Investa, and 360 Digital. Prior to that, she served as the President of User Experience Society during 2020-2021 and as the VP for UX Design during 2019-2020.
product design, user research, visual design, webflow
product-design, user-research, visual-design, webflow
product-design, user-research, visual-design, webflow
Alexis Collado
Design and Growth Manager
Laura Ang
Product Designer
Rafa Dytoc
Frances To
Ashley Ko
Kate Rustia
Product Designer
Pauline Baterna
UX Researcher and Designer