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Hive Operations Associate


As a hive operations associate, you will be at the intersection of design, no-code development, product thinking, and project/program management.

You will impact a significant part of our business and take ownership of multiple initiatives on a day-to-day basis.

You will be the first to take on this role at Swarm.

About the role
  • Take ownership of hive operations within the Swarm ecosystem (onboarding, training, comms, programming, events)
  • Manage vetting process for new hive applications
  • Assist account management team in selecting and matching hives to appropriate projects
  • Build no/low-code product solutions that are effective and impactful
  • Perform continuous discovery with hive leaders and help inform the product roadmap
What we're looking for
  • 2 years experience as an Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, or program manager in a software development organization
  • Stellar organizational leadership skills: must have led at a President or VP-level position in their orgs
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Technical knowledge in AI, Product Design, or Software Engineering: at least one project in their portfolio to prove it
  • Project management experience
  • Previous startup experience
  • Wants to work in a startup filled with extremely talented people!
Plus points if...
  • You can show you value high craft excellence
  • You have built your own student startup, or similar side project
  • You have demonstrated experience in networking
Lennon Villanueva
Growth Designer
Shifting from the environment of government work to a tech startup has been equally exciting and challenging. I'm grateful to collaborate with talented colleagues and continually expand my skill set through the dynamic nature at Swarm.
Rafa Dytoc
Product Designer, Design Ops
Swarm is where I’m empowered to think holistically and be critical about the entire design journey across products, from conception to execution.
Patricia Ramos
Product and Marketing Designer
We challenge, inspire, and raise each other’s standards on what it means to do good work. I feel immensely lucky that I get to collaborate with the smartest and most talented people I know every single day.
Ashley Ko
Growth Design Intern
Being part of Swarm empowers me to grow both personally and professionally. I’m grateful to collaborate with a team that continuously learns from each other and uplifts one another to do their best work!