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How JP Dionisio Would Relearn Webflow from Scratch

Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm

Webflow has emerged as a powerful tool in web design and development, offering a blend of simplicity and robust functionality.

But what if an expert had to learn it all over again?

JP Dionisio, a Webflow Global Leader, contemplated this scenario.

He imagined what it would be like to lose all his Webflow knowledge in a hypothetical scenario of getting hit by a bus, and how he would go about relearning everything from scratch.

Here's a breakdown of his approach:

1. Start with Webflow 101.

For anyone looking to dive into Webflow, JP recommends starting at the very beginning with Webflow 101.

This course, available at Webflow University, serves as a comprehensive introduction to the platform.

It's designed not just to teach the basics but also to help learners gauge if Webflow suits their project needs or career aspirations.

2. Engage with Webflow communities.

The journey doesn't stop at learning the basics. JP underscores the importance of community engagement.

Joining Webflow communities provides invaluable networking opportunities, access to diverse resources, and continuous learning.

JP co-founded the Webflow PH community, a thriving group for Filipino Webflow enthusiasts.

3. Create a simple portfolio using Webflow.

JP advises beginners to create a basic portfolio using Webflow.

This portfolio should include an introduction, some sample works (which can be dummy projects at first), and contact details.

The primary goal here is to showcase one's budding skills in and passion for Webflow.

4. Push the boundaries of Webflow with code.

One of the key steps in advancing your Webflow skills is to understand the underlying technologies - HTML and CSS.

JP emphasizes the significance of grasping these fundamentals to elevate your website creation capabilities beyond the basic templates.

5. Explore CSS Frameworks and Webflow Libraries.

JP recommends exploring CSS frameworks such as Client-First and leveraging Webflow libraries like Relume and UntitledUI.

These resources provide pre-designed components and templates, making the web development process more efficient and streamlined.

6. Utilize AI tools and advanced technologies.

JP suggests harnessing the power of AI tools and other advanced technologies.

AI can significantly aid in the initial brainstorming and design stages, offering a solid foundation that can be further refined and developed in Webflow.

7. Regularly update your portfolio and personal branding.

As you grow in your Webflow journey, JP stresses the importance of keeping your portfolio updated.

This involves showcasing your latest skills and projects and also strategically positioning yourself on social media platforms.

Such actions are critical in establishing yourself as a Webflow authority and attracting potential clients or employers.

8. Continuously learn and specialize.

The Webflow landscape is diverse and ever-evolving.

JP advises continually learning and specializing in certain areas, such as JavaScript integration, to deepen your expertise and carve out a niche within the Webflow ecosystem.

9. Build your professional network and share knowledge.

Finally, JP highlights the importance of networking and knowledge sharing.

He encourages reaching out to other professionals, participating in collaborations, and contributing to the community through public speaking, online content creation, or other forms of thought leadership.

These steps outlined by JP Dionisio provide a roadmap for anyone starting or restarting their Webflow journey.

His insights are not just about mastering a tool but also about building a career and a community around it.

You can gain more insights and deeper understanding by watching the full recording of JP's Webflow Salon here.

Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm
Pia is a poet, educator, and independent publisher who accidentally found rewarding work in tech.

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