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Swarm snags GTM leader to clinch founders and corporate innovators

Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm

To supercharge its GTM with corporate innovation departments and venture-backed companies, Swarm adds Tom Blackman to its leadership team as an advisor. He is a respected global GTM leader with a proven track record in driving revenue within AI and SaaS companies.

Blackman’s unparalleled experience in GTM leadership combined with his success in working with service partners positions him as a key player in Swarm’s mission to revolutionize how corporates approach AI-powered problem-solving and innovation.

He currently leads the Zendesk Global Accounts business in APAC and supports multinational organizations in their customer experience (CX) journeys. He was previously the head of Global Sales and Success at a Sequoia-backed AI company, where he helped steer the company from Series A to B as part of its senior leadership team.

Blackman’s tenure at Zendesk spanned from pre-IPO to surpassing a billion dollars in revenue, leading Enterprise and Commercial revenue teams for the largest Book of Business in APAC. He also covered APAC and LATAM Deal Strategy for all key Enterprise deals.

At Swarm, Blackman assumes a pivotal role in connecting corporate innovation teams with senior experts in AI, product, development, and design. He brings almost two decades of experience in strategy, process improvement, and customer service, as well as a global perspective honed through his leadership roles globally.

With Blackman on board, Swarm is set to redefine how corporates scale their innovation efforts in the advent of AI, emphasizing forging impactful connections between innovation teams and problem-solvers.

Blackman’s advisory role at Swarm marks a significant milestone: the company is poised to strengthen its position as a leading platform for on-demand product teams and consultants.

Swarm is a platform where senior consultants for AI, software development, and design form strategy and implementation teams and connect with founders and corporate innovators.

For more information about Swarm and its revolutionary approach to work, visit Swarm. For press inquiries and interview requests, please contact Pia Besmonte at pia@swarm.work.

Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm
Pia is a poet, educator, and independent publisher who accidentally found rewarding work in tech.

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