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Swarm secures $1.1M pre-seed funding to be the top platform for finding senior consultants and agencies

Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm

Swarm, a community platform for fractional tech professionals, raised a $1.1 million pre-seed round.

Backed by two early institutional investors, Hustle Fund and Plug and Play, Swarm’s angel investors include early and founding team members at Google, Facebook, and DoorDash;  Paolo Campos of Kaya Founders; and Vivek Padmanabhan and Jim Franke- pioneers of the outsourcing industry.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with the support of Hustle Fund, Plug and Play, and everyone who joined this round,” said Dexter Ligot-Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of Swarm. “Their strategic guidance and expertise in building startups and in corporate innovation are invaluable as we continue to build a platform that scales the flexible workforce by scaling trust.”

Swarm aims to transform the way people work by fostering collaboration and trust within its community. Swarm differentiates itself with its community driven approach toward matching.  Users qualify for introductions to clients when they are endorsed by other users who stake their reputation in exchange for rewards.

Swarm states that their community-oriented method appeals to senior consultants and those who are have exceptional careers. Over 80% of Swarm's hired builders have experience working at companies backed by Y Combinator and Fortune 500. Swarm has worked with clients like the former Chief Technology Officer of McAfee, Procter & Gamble, Axiamatic, f(dev), Parallax, Shipmates, and others.

“Swarm is taking a novel approach to scaling warm referrals by building a community of trust, Their platform facilitates work by empowering individuals to vouch for tech professionals they trust, and reap rewards in return,” said Shiyan Koh, General Partner at Hustle Fund.
“Swarm is solving the pressing problem of traditional workforces scaling up and down due to market forces post-pandemic,” said Jie Lun Ong, Senior Director, Ventures at Plug and Play APAC, whose thrust in corporate innovation makes them a strong ally for Swarm.

In October, Swarm launched its closed beta.

For more information about Swarm and its revolutionary approach to work, visit https://swarm.work. For press inquiries and interview requests, please contact Pia Besmonte at pia@swarm.work.

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Pia Besmonte Ligot-Gordon
Community and Growth Lead at Swarm
Pia is a poet, educator, and independent publisher who accidentally found rewarding work in tech.

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